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On Trigger Warnings

Research has found that trigger warnings do not actually seem to lessen trauma response from upsetting content, nor do they protect individuals from such responses. In fact, more often than not, trigger warnings cause more harm than good. Because trigger … Continue Reading On Trigger Warnings

A Letter to Sloan

My sweet, beautiful SloanTomorrow is your 5th birthday. I wish, every second, of every day,that you were here with us.That I could cradle you in my armsand feel your breath on my skin.But by some unimaginable, twist of fate,-that is … Continue Reading A Letter to Sloan

4 Years Without You

My sweet Sloan,You are the magic of fluttering wings on a warm summer day,the heaviness of a downpour as autumn makes its way.You are the quiet winter snowfall on bare branches of trees,the sweetness of fresh blossoms dancing in a … Continue Reading 4 Years Without You

It is for attention

Probably the dumbest attempted insult I see over and over again in my grief journey, is “you’re doing this for attention”. Um, yeah, I AM. It’s not a newsflash. You didn’t unlock a mysterious diagnosis. I am 100% of the … Continue Reading It is for attention

Heat Waves

I have had a deep connection to this song since I first heard it. Sloan died during a heat wave, the first week of July 2017. The world crumbled beneath us as birds chirped, and the sun shined through the … Continue Reading Heat Waves

Another Memorial Looms

July 3 will be 4 years since we woke up to every parents worst nightmare. I have been protecting myself from the painful anticipation of another upcoming “anniversary”. In previous years I’ve seen myself becoming trapped in the grief as … Continue Reading Another Memorial Looms