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Reflecting on Parenthood

On a day that two friends welcomed new blessings into this world, I also read about one who recently had to say goodbye and let her blessing leave this earth.

I am a mother. That sweet beautiful boy is my whole wide world and I am overcome with emotion at the thought of another parent having to endure such a loss.

There are so many things to cherish in this life, the beauty of birth, the joy of witnessing our hearts grow and blossom outside our bodies. The difficulties of navigating parenthood later teach us patience, acceptance and a will to withstand. We develop a bond not only with our child’s presence in our life, but with those ten fingers, those tiny intricately woven eyelashes, those dimpled cheeks and that fuzzy hair that never lays right.

We love every bit of them beyond explanation, before they have even left the womb. As I see new life join this earth, I hold to my son tightly and remember what it felt like to cradle him in my arms for the first time. And as I hear someone else recount what it was like to do so for the last time, I am bewildered. I cannot fathom. It is a reminder to us all just how incredibly thankful we must be for the children we have been gifted.

Let us as parents, never forget what it felt like to hold a life we created… For the first time. Let us never forget that we are blessed to continue holding that life tangibly in our arms. Hug them tighter, stay up later, sing lullabies out of key, rock them until you’re dizzy, let them taste your dessert, listen to them tell you what makes them tick.

They are our greatest accomplishments. And as I tucked my little one in tonight, I realized that if a parent is all I’ll ever be, it will be enough.

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