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Pelvic Ultrasound

The Clomid journey has begun! 32oz of water in 45 minutes=pelvic ultrasound time!

Ultrasound was this morning, amazingly results were done right away. I just spoke with my Dr and my right ovary has a 12.56ml volume while my left has only 6.23ml volume, meaning it is half the size of my right. It is however, productive. Follicles in both ovaries are not mature yet this month, which is unfortunate as on day 12 of the cycle they should be. She did say though, that they ARE maturing, just not there yet. Some great news to hear was… NO CYSTS!

So more OPKs more blood work/progesterone levels are in store for the next 7 days. If we don’t see a peak day, and are unsuccessful this month they will up my clomid dosage to 100 next month and we’ll try again. 🙏🏻

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