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Our Clomid Baby

Finally, we step to the light. Our rainbow baby is due this December! It’s taken so much to get here-losses, tests, fertility meds and what felt like an eternity. To hear the doctor say “everything looks great!” this week was damn near astonishing.

A rainbow baby is a baby conceived after pregnancy or infant loss. A rainbow appears when light and rain come together; in other words, when you see a rainbow, the storm is still lingering. The storm is still very present in my life, especially as the due date of our most recent loss is approaching this week…that same old grief will rear it’s head I know.

We realize that we can’t be sure this pregnancy will end with a baby in our arms this December, but we would rather live in hope, not fear. This baby in my belly is light, love, and strength. It took us so much to get here and we would be doing this child injustice not to rejoice in the excitement.

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