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Our Clomid Baby: 22 Weeks

22 weeks tomorrow with baby Sloan! Our appointment this week went well, our minds were eased a bit about the EIC issue and though I’ll still be doing genetic blood work on Monday, we are fully expecting no other markers. My ob did inform us that there is Marginal Cord insertion, meaning Sloan’s umbilical cord is attached on the side of the placenta rather than the bottom middle as it should be. It’s extremely common with fertility treatment babies. It isn’t something to worry about until the third trimester when room starts to run out. At that point we’ll be monitored closely to make sure the blood flow isn’t decreasing. MCI pretty often results in low birth weight and preterm delivery because as baby grows the cord can get crimped where it attaches to the side of the placenta. We won’t know until we know, and until the time comes we won’t worry. I’ve only gained 6lbs so far (kind of amazing with my terrible eating habits this pregnancy). Sloan is low on my hips so I have some epic pain there, we’re waiting to get referred for physical therapy to help with it. All else is well!

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