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Our Clomid Baby: 26 Weeks

26 weeks

104 days to go

Yesterday was a year since the day my body miscarried our last pregnancy. It was tough to remember the pain and heartbreak of that day but it helped us knowing that we have this precious boy healthy and growing away in my tummy.

Both Sloan and I are doing wonderfully. We passed the glucose test last week with flying colors. (My level was actually 1 BELOW the window for normal haha) My tummy measures bigger, about 2 weeks ahead, but that’s because baby boy is LONG. His femur and torso lengths were two weeks ahead during the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, though his weight was on track for his gestation. So we have another bean pole! We are getting so anxious to kiss and hold this sweet little miracle, and can’t believe how fast this is all happening.

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