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Our Clomid Baby: Sloan’s Birth

On Saturday night I noticed Bloody show around 11:30pm. I was extremely uncomfortable so after making sure last minute things were ready, I decided to lay down for a few hours. At 3am I woke up feeling strange, had a HUGE contraction and as I rolled over, felt my water break. I went to the bathroom to make sure and within 2 minutes another contraction came on. I thought I should take a shower and tidy myself up before heading to the hospital, but contractions started coming on strong and quick so I vetoed the shower and we rushed out the door. (Good choice, it turned out) By the time we got to the hospital my contractions were only a minute apart and I could no longer talk through them. Once in triage they checked my cervix, I was at a 5 and they could already feel babies hair. I was then moved to a delivery room and once everything was hooked up they checked me again… at a 6/7 baby at -1 station. The epidural was brought in and administered but only 5 mins later, before it could actually start to affect me, I felt the need to push. They checked me again and I was at a 10. It was time! I screamed, through contractions, between contractions, I yelled at the nurse who told me to be quiet. I pushed for 15-20 minutes (I think). Because my epidural had not yet taken effect, I felt everything…every tear, stretch, scratch, push, and the infamous “ring of fire”. And then… at 5:47am Sunday morning, he was here! They put him on my chest and we spent a wonderful hour radiating love skin to skin. Two and a half hours after his labor had started, he was in our arms. We waited a very long time for that moment, 3 years, two losses, infertility and 9 months of impatience.

And then the epidural kicked in.

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