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Sloan’s Light


It is the 4th of July. What was formerly my favorite holiday is now simply “the day after”. How does the world keep spinning on, when it feels as if it has come crashing down. Sleep has not yet overcome me. I cannot close my eyes without seeing his blue, lifeless little body, helpless to what happened to him. My guilt is overpowering, my grief immense. I am encompassed in so much support and love, yet I feel so much absence. The waves of destruction wash over me as if his death is happening over and over again. I replay the scene in my head and I’m stuck. I am spinning between worlds, while he is just out of reach.

Tonight we celebrated our sweet Sloan’s light. He brought joy and peace to everyone who knew him and knew of him. He was here on our earth for much too short a time, but his life and death has impacted hundreds of thousands of people.

Your purpose was to bring people together, to bridge divides and remind everyone how fleeting life is. You did your job my sweet baby.
Until we meet again,


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