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An Unexpected Support

We just left the funeral home. Our appointment was originally with someone else but he wasn’t in today so we were sat down with a Godsend of a woman named Caitlin instead.

Near the end of the appointment she asked how we were doing with all of this, and she started to tear up as she finished her question.

I said “I know you know, it’s everywhere.” Speaking to the fact that Sloan’s story has been shared around the world, and that meant she knew how he died. She nodded.

We started to discuss everything that has been going on. She was so kind, so comforting, and so supportive of our wish to raise awareness with Sloan’s story. She offered so much compassion and because she had read my writing prior to meeting us, she felt it all with us.

She said something to the effect of “Its so important that Sloan’s life be carried on through others, that his legacy is saving lives. What you’re doing is amazing.” As she said this, a tiny blue baby dragonfly landed on the window behind her. 🌈

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