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More than a Dr

A little less than two years ago, after our July wedding, I found out I was pregnant again. It was a few months more than a year after our first loss so we were extremely excited. Two weeks later, before I’d even been in for my first appointment, I started to lose the pregnancy. We were blown off by the OBGYNs office I had been to during my pregnancy with Rowan.

Needing a second opinion and to be carried through the process by a dr who was more compassionate, I googled recommended OBGYNs. I stumbled upon one who had amazing reviews, and I called. They said she wasn’t available at the time but got me in with her ARNP the same day.

When we got to the appointment the OBGYN walked in, and said “You are MY patient, and I AM going to be with you through this, so you’re seeing me today.” She did my exam, held my hand and told us the bad news was very likely. She had a delivery to do but got us into the hospital, where they did in depth ultrasounds and blood work to make sure it was not an ectopic pregnancy.

While we waited for the ultrasound results in a room at the hospital, she had someone take over the last parts of the delivery she was doing and came up to our floor. She sat with us and held our hands to explain that the ultrasound had shown we were losing the pregnancy. She comforted us and stayed with us for much longer than she was supposed to.

She then saw us through the loss, and months of secondary infertility. She held us together through it all. After a round of Clomid the following March, I got pregnant with Sloan. She was elated for us. She cried happy tears with us when the first ultrasound showed a healthy heartbeat. She eased my worries and anxiety as I navigated a pregnancy after a loss.

Last night she texted me. She offered her support in any way needed and told me she would help us get through this no matter what. Today she had us come in during her lunch hour to visit. She sat with us for over an hour, crying, holding us, speaking what we needed to hear, putting in referrals for our therapy and other means of care we’ll need.

I truly believe that she is someone we were meant to be connected with in our lives.

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