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In 2014 A friend of mine gave birth to her daughter Paisley prematurely. Paisley lived for 120 days in the NICU before her time earth side ended on July 4th 2014. At the time Of Paisley passing, I raised funds to help support the family and I have stayed connected with Jessica since. Over the past three years I have watched her journey through grief, rise from the ashes, celebrate the arrival of another child, and serve Paisleys memory in tremendous ways. She has been nothing but an inspiration.

Sloan’s death was one day prior to the 3rd anniversary of Paisleys. I know that Sloan’s passing has brought up many feelings for her, and I’m sure it has been extremely difficult for her to face them. Yet, she reached out to me yesterday to offer me perhaps the most beautiful sentiment yet during this tragedy. I wanted to share it with all of you.

From Jessica:

“Since the day you lost him I have been bombarded with the iris flower. So I decided to finally look up its meaning and I knew it was a message meant for you. I just feel like you need to know that the iris flower means wisdom, hope & VALOR. In mythology the Greek goddess Iris represented the rainbow. Using it as a bridge between our world and the afterlife. They called her the Rainbow Goddess.
I know these early days are not kind on the heart, but I hope you have been able to feel his presence.
My husband came home with some Iris flowers hours after his death and I felt I had to tell you what they meant once I found out. I’m so sorry this is now your reality. I know you’re drowning right now, but hold your breath, keep kicking (never stop kicking) and surface. Even if only for a moment.”

I believe that Paisley and Sloan have chosen to send this message to Jessica and I.

Later I will share the meaning of Sloan’s name with all of you so you can grasp just how much what Jessica said meant.

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