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The meaning behind Sloan’s name:

We chose Sloan for a baby before him, who we lost at 8 weeks gestation. The name stuck with us because it meant “warrior” which we knew the rainbow baby we wished for would have to be. After we lost that pregnancy and were dealing with secondary infertility, the song “Growing up (Sloane’s Song)” by @macklemore came out. It seemed as if the words “I’ll be patient one more month, wrap your finger round my thumb” were just for us, reminding us to be patient and we’d have our baby Sloan. I listened to That song, as well as our wedding song “A Thousand Years” daily through our infertility and my pregnancy with him. Sloan’s middle name “Valor” means “of great courage” or “strength of mind and spirit in the face of danger or tragedy” another name suited for our rainbow and infertility baby, because it took so much courage for us to get to the part of our journey where we were graced with his sweet being. And now, in wake of his death his name means so much more. So very much more.

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  1. I can not even fathom your strength. I am so sorry for your pregnancy loss, and then to lose your rainbow baby. Much gratitude to you for sharing all of this and being an example to me.


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