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The Rowan Tree is prominent in Norse mythology as the tree from which the first woman was made, (the first man being made from the standard ash tree). It was said to have saved the life of the god Thor by bending over a fast flowing river in the Underworld in which Thor was being swept away, and helping him back to the shore. The Rowan tree is also a tree representing life, strength, and family.

Rowan middle name “Dene” (pronounced ‘deen/dean) is from my aunts name, “Mardene”. My aunt Mardene passed away after a two year battle with cancer, just one month before Rowan was conceived. She was the life force in my moms family, the oldest of 6 siblings, and my moms best friend. Mardene means “from the meadow”.

Rowan name is that of strength, nurture, determination, and peace. Oh my boy, how fitting that is.

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