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When I started building my own brand nearly 4 years ago I had no idea how involved I would get in the handmade world. I didn’t know that some of my dearest friendships would come from this community of brand owners and rep mamas. I had no idea that one day, one of these people would be creating the beautiful box that would hold my sons ashes. I couldn’t have known that thousands of brand owners and rep mamas would come together for us, to help us keep our baby’s light shining. These people, even those who don’t know me well, have supported Justin and I through miscarriages, through infertility, through pregnancy, and now, through child loss. They have repeatedly wrapped their arms around us and held us up when we felt we couldn’t stand alone. These people continue to take on our pain, take on our grief, take on our trauma, and surrounded us with love. The countless acts of kindness, words of support, and gifts of sentiment we have received are unbelievable. I’m not sure I even have the proper words to convey how grateful I am for all of them, and for all they have done. Starting my own company was the best decision I ever made, if for no other reason than the reassurance that I am never, ever, alone.

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