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Where There is Darkness, There is Also Light

My posts are sad. Yes. They are raw. Yes. They are uncomfortable. Very. But they are real. I will never “get over” the loss of my child. I will not “move on”. Time does not heal all wounds. This is my life now. It is messy, it is painful, it is a mountain to be climbed daily, only to start over again the next morning. I do not share my grief out of want. I share my journey out of need. We all share major moments in our lives, post photos of our experiences, caption our stories of what’s most important at any given time. Just because something is scary or upsetting for others to think about does not mean it should not be shared. The darkness is worth telling too. Because without it, there would not be light.

One thought on “Where There is Darkness, There is Also Light Leave a comment

  1. These thoughts need to be shared. Thank you for sharing your raw and very important thoughts. You are so strong and brave to share. It is needed and much appreciated.


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