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Blue Like the Sky

On July 3rd 2016 we stood in the field of an old dairy farm letting blue confetti rain down on us as we had our gender reveal photographed. A boy. A second boy. We had already known for about a week, but were so excited to announce it in a special way. This was our rainbow baby, our fertility treatment baby, so I had wanted to have every milestone of the pregnancy documented and celebrated. I posted our announcement that evening, a day before I’d planned to because I was too excited to wait.

A year later to the day, he was gone.


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  1. Beautiful photos. You write so eloquently and from the heart. Through your words and your gorgeous little angel you have spread so much awareness and that’s so incredibly brave when you are dealing with your loss. I hope you don’t find my comment odd considering that I don’t know you, but I’ve thought about you and your family a lot over the last 2 months when I first read Sloan’s story and I just wanted you to know how far Sloan has reached, all the way in Cornwall in the UK and his little face and story is not one I shall ever forget. My thoughts and best wishes are with you all that are living and missing your baby boy xxx


  2. You are so amazing and I along with millions of others think of sloan and his beautiful face everyday. I will never forget him or your incredible family. He lives on forever in so many hearts. Thank you for your bravery and the love that you share with all of us.


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