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If My Child Tells You

Rowan is four years old. Four. He witnessed the moment I found Sloan, witnessed CPR,  witnessed me holding Sloan’s lifeless body in my arms as I wept over him. My son kissed his brother goodbye that day, forever. At four years old.

Children see things in black and white. He does not understand grief yet, he just wants to have the reassurance that his brother still matters, that his brother is still loved. So when he tells you his brother died, when talks to you about Sloan, when he breaches the topic of that day- please do not shy away. Please do not avoid the conversation, as difficult or uncomfortable as it may be for you. Do not diminish the strength it took for my child to tell you about his loss, and the love for his brother, that he is sharing with you. You might just find that in speaking with him about it, it has comforted you. So please, let him have the moment.


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  1. Such a strong little boy, whi has endured more in his 4 years than most will in their lifetimes. I would do anything to reassure Rowan that Sloan’s life will always matter and that he will always be remembered and loved. Sloan has impacted and saved so many lives! Your children are amazing, and it’s such a testament to you, your husband, and your parenting.


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