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A Surprise From Sloan

Last month we were surprised with a complete miracle. Many of you know that Sloan was conceived via fertility treatments after years of struggling to conceive/multiple losses.

To our shock and awe, our sweet boy worked out an incredible gift for us. This will be a very emotional journey for us, but we’re ready to share it with all of you.

Baby Phoenix (boy or girl) will be joining us in June 2018!

“When we lost him we thought it was the end. But it was also a beginning.”

We found out I am pregnant on Friday the 13th, which is neat in itself. This was an unplanned miracle, as we battled secondary infertility after having Rowan and used fertility meds for Sloan.
So far I’m feeling pretty well. I don’t have any morning sickness, only some strong food aversion to way too many things! I’ll be in my second trimester later this month.

No we do not know the sex yet, but we WILL know in a few weeks after genetic testing is done. It’s important for us and our anxiety/ptsd that we know everything we can as soon as we can, so that we can adjust accordingly. As you can imagine, having a boy would be very difficult for us emotionally.

The name came to me when we were driving to our dating ultrasound a few weeks back, it was raining and as we were driving down into the valley I saw a rainbow above. The name just popped into my head and I suddenly found myself saying “what about Phoenix?!” It has such a powerful meaning and is so fitting. So, Phoenix is the first name either way, only the middle name will differ. “Iris” will be the middle name for a girl, in Greek mythology Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow. The Iris flower represents wisdom and Valor. Ezra will be the middle name for a boy and means “helper” in Hebrew.

This comes with MANY emotions for us, both happy and sad but we do recognize how absolutely amazing this is. This baby is a blessing and we know Sloan had a hand in this.

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