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Carrying On

Sloan’s birthday is fast approaching so I’ve been very introspective as of late. I am also very near to starting my second trimester with this pregnancy. I had a rough few weeks adjusting to and accepting this new development in our grief journey and I’m finally feeling a bit better about it. Pregnancy after loss is extremely hard, for lack of a better description. You battle so many conflicting emotions and fearful thoughts. I’m extremely thankful for this blessing, and I recognize how miraculous this is, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have my anxieties and triggers. We are proceeding with genetic testing in the next week or two, for our piece of mind. This also means we will know the sex of the baby very soon. It is important to us to know this as soon as possible so that we can have time to emotionally settle in to it. (Obviously a boy would be a very emotional thing for us so soon after Sloan). All that said, I’m feeling great this pregnancy and have not dealt with any real morning sickness. I feel as if this is flying by!

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