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The Story of “We”

I thought it would be fun to share how Justin and I became a “we”. We originally “met” in high school 13 years ago. We grew up in the same large neighborhood and had been going to school together since jr high. I had never interacted with him until my junior year, his senior, when we had a few classes together. He was a well known, incredibly outgoing, and social Jock. I couldn’t stand him because he would talk incessantly in class and he always skipped out on our group projects.

Seven years later, a friend kept trying to get me to “meet” him again. She was dating his brother at that time and they both kept insisting Justin and I were a great match. I refused repeatedly, and they had to lie to get me in the same place as him. They’d talked me into going to church with them and as we were waiting outside, Justin showed up. I was so frustrated and embarrassed but he was so kind and friendly that I ended up really enjoying his company. In talking with him, it turned out we had a lot in common. That night I had a Facebook message from him with his phone number, so I went for it and texted him. I agreed to a date with him that week, and that was all it took for me to know he was the one.

The two of us have been together ever since, nearly 7 years now. We have been through so much together, we’ve guided one another through darkness, and we’ve celebrated the light. No couple is perfect, and we’ve had our own fair share of marital struggle, but we are always able to reach for each other’s hand knowing we can make it through. Love is not effortless, but we’ve been willing to put in the work and that’s why we survive it all together. When we look back 13 years ago, we laugh. I’d never have thought I’d love that annoying DeRosier kid, and I most certainly couldn’t have seen all the things he’d be by my side for.

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