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Bond of Brothers

The love this boy holds for his brother never ceases to bring me to my knees. He says goodnight to Sloan every night, and good morning as soon as he wakes. He talks about him frequently, he is never shy about bringing him up.

He sleeps with this blanket of Sloan’s each night, it is the last one I ever wrapped Sloan up in, before they took his body from the house.

Sloan may have only been here a short 7 months, but I am confident the bond these boys share is alive and well.

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  1. My dad is 57 years old. He lost his brother and best friend 25years ago to a complication from a surgery. I never met my uncle and my dad has always spoken about him to my sisters and I. 25 years after losing him, his bond with his brother is as strong as if he were here today. In moments of hardship, my dad turns to him. I believe your boys will share this same bond. Sloan is only gone physically.


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