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This Year

This year. How incredibly impactful those two words are together. This year held an entire world and lifetime of experience, of lessons, of of ache, of sadness, and of resilience. I’ve been forced to survive what I thought I couldn’t. To learn as best I can how to accept that there are things I cannot change or control, but that I do have the courage and grace not to wither under the terrible things that have happened. This unyielding trauma and tragedy in life has tested me, but I have continued. Things may not be easy, but I wasn’t built for easy. I know now that I was made to do hard things, and if ever I’m too weak to stand, I know I am held up by the support of those around me. Our family is resilient… we rise and we hold on. There are pieces of us that have been burned away, consumed, charred by the fire of trauma and the unforgiving finality of death. Yet we’ve seen that beautiful things can rise from ashes. In only a year.

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  1. My wish for you and your family is that 2018 (and each year thereafter) will be filled with blessings and more joy than you ever thought possible.
    My heart aches for you to have to start the new year without your precious little boy. I wish you wouldn’t have to endure this heartache.
    Someone I know who also lost her little boy this year said something that makes sense to me. She said, ‘every day that passes by brings me one day closer to holding him again.’

    I wish you peace!


  2. 😭tears! You’re writing is so eloquent, I feel those emotions with you. Sending you so much love and peace for the upcoming year! ❣️ always thinking of Little Sloan!


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