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Rowan is our fiercely expressive and empathetic being. He senses any discourse or upset, and he wants to be sure he says what someone needs to hear in those moments. He is a “fixer” by nature, and seems to always know when his sweetness and silliness are needed.

His independence amazes me. He occupies himself so well, and has no problem saying when he needs time to himself. Yet, he assures anyone around that he still loves them, he just wants “Rowan time”.

He is observant, he is inquisitive, he is nurturing. Don’t worry, I am not in denial about his less than tolerable moments. This child, just like yours, tests limits and patience. He phases through brooding, sulking, and sass like any child his age. Even so, there is a level of wizened maturity that sets him apart. In his worst moods, he still has concern for others and how his actions affected them.

I aspire to be like my 4 year old. We all should.

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