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In Rowan’s Words

How do you feel about Sloan?

I love him, that’s how I feel

Do you remember the day he died?

Yeah. At our old house.

What do you remember most about that day?

I was crying. I kissed him goodbye because he loved kisses.

What is your favorite memory of Sloan?

Playing with him. Loving him, a lot. I liked dancing with him. Taking pictures of him, he had a really neat smile.

When you think of Sloan, What is he like/doing?

He’s giggling, he is happy.

How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel really good because I love him and I like him to be happy.

When you miss him the most, what helps you?

Hugging his blankets. Sometimes I hold his hand and I like to look at his pictures. It makes me smile in my heart.

What do you want to tell people about baby Sloan?

He’s still here. Because we don’t forget him. I love that.

3 thoughts on “In Rowan’s Words Leave a comment

  1. My heart.

    I think it’s so crazy how life changes. You’ve always spoken of Sloan as the old soul, the one with wisdom beyond his years, the look in his eye of someone who knows what’s to come, long before anything ever did. And yet, here is Rowan. Wise beyond his little 4 year old self. Simple, matter of fact, to the point. Compassionate, loving, and clearly with that same wisdom. Maybe it w as a gift from his baby brother. To carry on his wisdom, his old soul, while still keeping his own personality when it’s needed as well, to be smiling and carefree and giggly and dramatic and full of sass as you so often write. Two personalities in one. And how magnificent is he to be able to pull off both at the exact right moments ❤


  2. What a blessing this little guy is. It’s remarkable how strong his love for Sloan is. He is your candle in the storm. May the love he feels for his little brother never leave him. And may Sloan’s memory live on in his little heart forever!! ✨👼✨
    Brothers, two bodies, one soul ✨👦🏻👦🏻✨


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