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Father’s Day

I watched you become a father.

I’ve seen you hold back you tears as your newborns were placed in your arms.

Witnessed you cut the cord the tethered them to my body.

I watched as you steadied our oldest to take his first steps.

As you’ve guided him through adventure after adventure, even those in his imagination.

I’ve watched you take our lifeless sons body from my arms.

Seen you fight tirelessly to save his life, as your hands pumped his chest.

I’ve watched you kiss him goodbye forever.

Witnessed your suffering, your longing, your grief over him.

I’ve watched you heal yourself, bit by bit, while you try to heal us too.

I have felt your hand in mine as we saw redemption on an ultrasound.

Saw you cry happy tears as we prepared for the arrival of a rainbow.

Saw you deliver your daughter with your own hands.

I have watched as you have poured yourself into their happiness and growth, every minute, of every day of their lives.

You are their hero, their idol, their pillar of strength.

You are all they’ve needed, whenever they’ve needed it.

I’ve seen you.

Happy Father’s Day my love.

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