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Impending Trauma

Our emotions are all over the place in these last few days before we mark one year without him. Tuesday is upon us sooner than we are ready for. We are triggered, distracted messes most moments, and delicately reserved ones the rest. I catch myself barely able to string together an audible sentence, sounding like a slurring, tired, zoned out shell. We are present, but we are not.

I imagine it’ll be a continued struggle for us in the weeks to come. I am prepared in all the ways I can be, but each day of grieving, each of these milestones, is uncharted territory.

Have patience with us this week. Try to understand how big this hurdle is for us, how devastated we are, how deeply we grieve. Try to consider that there is an entire world of grief and triggers we live in, that nobody but we are witness to.

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