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When we sat down with her pediatrician last week and made the decision to switch Phoenix to formula because of her problems with my milk, I felt like I had failed. (I won’t go into detail because I don’t need to explain our reasoning other than to say we covered all bases in trying to determine the problem, but for whatever reason her body is not able to process my milk, regardless of what we tried.)

She was my first breast fed baby, the first of ours that I’d even been able to produce for. I had so wanted to succeed in that journey with her, but it just isn’t feasible with her sensitivities, nor for my sanity. I decided that though my baby may not be able to use my milk at all, I am determined to continue pumping and providing it for a bit longer. Not for her, but for other babies.

Yesterday I donated over 100 ounces (one week of pumping) of breast milk to a mama in need, and I’ll continue to do so as long as I can. If you’re a mama who has extra/unused milk, please consider donating it to a milk bank or a mama in your community who could use it!

*I do not need suggestions regarding breast feeding Phoenix. It’s not an option for her anymore and we made the decision that was best for her health.

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