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Roxy Dog

My parents, brother, and sister in law were supposed to head out this morning for a camping trip. We were dog sitting for my parents. At 3:00am exactly we woke up to a loud thud and the sound of Roxy screaming, shrieking in pain. She was old, weak, blind, deaf, and had bulging disks. Her spine couldn’t take the fall. Her neck broke. Justin held her as I just frantically yelled “Oh my God” over and over. She couldn’t stand, couldn’t sit, could barely tolerate being moved. She was broken. We called my parents, they came and got her. Nobody could sleep. At 8:30 we all took her to the vet, it was time. Her bodily journey on this earth needed to be over. We let them know our choice, held her, kissed her, and let her go.

For 15 Years, this sweet soul graced our family. Today, we buried her among the trees. After a last few hours of her smiles and kisses, we wrapped her in one of dads shirts and said goodbye to her feeble, tired, broken old body. The body that betrayed her and her beautiful lust for life and adventure. In the end, it was traumatic. The moment she broke her neck will haunt us for a while. But it had to be an abrupt, painful, unexpected event to lead us to put her down, or we’d have never been able to make the right decision for her on our own. She was just too hard for us to let go of naturally, she had to make that choice for us, in her typical, feisty, stubborn way. She just had to go and jump off that bed. 15 years of her sweet, nurturing affection is gone and it’ll take some time to weigh the magnitude of that.

I’m so sorry old girl, all my love.

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