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My Child is the Village

Last week, someone said “Not starting your child in kindergarten at 5 is selling them short. It is teaching them that you don’t believe in them.” Listen. Let’s not place all parent/child relationships in a box like this. There’s SO much more to it.

For example, I have a wonderful parent-child-friend relationship with my son. I understand his needs, respect his wants, and honor his interests. Each individual family situation is different than the next. I am not open to generalizing my child’s well being. I am following his queues, and taking into consideration the immensity of things he’s had to encounter, witness, and grow through over the past year. Because I see this, my son isn’t starting school this year.

I recognize that it is necessary for him to grieve more, to heal more, to grow into more understanding of his place as a bereaved sibling. It is never best for a child that we base parenting on what everyone else is doing. My role as a parent is not dictated by the standards of the mass. It is dictated by the needs of MY child.

What could teach a child that we believe in them more, than nourishing their emotional needs, and following their queues?! And really, it’s our own business anyway. We good over here.

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