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Finding beauty in death and trauma is not an easy undertaking. It requires you to see past the devastation and wreckage, the triggers, the emptiness. It requires you to be able to recognize that even in death’s finiteness, something else can be born. That something else can be your growth, your self reflection, your learned lessons and acts of change. It can be the conscious effort to improve life’s relationships, or the choice to finally end those connections no longer serving you. It can be a new job, a new love, or a new baby. That something else is a million little things, for millions of different people. For me, that something else, that beauty, I found rather quickly in my surviving son and his relationship with our rainbow girl. Their bond is the beauty of life after death, absolute testimony of something beautiful rising from the ashes. Sloan is right there, he is the glue between them, the knotted ends. He holds them together and it is absolutely beautiful.

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