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A Locket

My mom opened this beautiful locket for Christmas. Justin and I thought on this gift for a long while as it has a very heavy meaning.

Inside, rests a small clipping of Sloan’s hair.

My mom and dad had a bond with him that surpassed all others except our own. They were there when he was born, there when we brought him home. They were there to hold US as we held his lifeless body in our arms. They were there when we signed the papers for his cremation, they were the ones to pick up his ashes and bring him home to us when it was too much for us to handle.

My parents have held our hands each and every step of the way, stifling their own grief to comfort and carry us through ours. They both still choke up any time he is mentioned, their longing for him is matched to our own. Giving them this piece of him was so emotional, but so deserved.

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