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Slumberkins Presents: Sprite

Our Sprite @slumberkins arrived today and Rowan is in love.

Each Slumberkins creature is created with a different theme to teach little ones social-emotional life skills. Slumberkins all have an accompanying board book that “uses an interactive story time approach infused with therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises from each of their backgrounds.” The snuggly creatures bring the book characters to life for little ones, giving them a tangible and comforting tool to understanding the subject matter.

The moment I saw the Slumberkins staff post the first peek at Sprite in their Facebook group, I knew I had to talk to them. I reached out and spoke with Co-Founder Callie, who so beautifully explained the meaning behind Sprite’s creation and touched so gracefully on loss.

This sweet little creature was specially created by Slumberkins to help facilitate communication regarding loss, and assist children in coping with their grief after the loss of a loved one. Children see things in black and white. They do not understand grief yet, they just want to have the reassurance that their loved one still matters, that they are still there, in their hearts. Sprite’s accompanying book is a great way to start an open conversation on grief and loss with a child, acknowledging their need for comfort and emotional support, while still respecting all of the very different perspectives and experiences through grief and loss.

The brand partnered with The Dougy Center, who helped in the development of the book. The Dougy Center provides support and a safe space where children and families grieving a death can share their experiences. Every child in their program is receiving their own Sprite bundle. You can read more about this partnership here.

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for this brand and their recognition of such a difficult and little discussed subject matter. By creating Sprite, they are not just helping children cope, they are providing parents and families with another realm of support in the never ending battle of “life after”.

The creatures are now available for purchase as singles, bundles, and as the single book.

You can order a Sprite bundle here

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