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The Mother of All Mothers

This book for bereaved mothers (it’s called You are the mother of all mothers) was sent to me just after Sloan’s death, and it has been a safety net in my roughest moments.

I opened that package in those first days of our trauma and suddenly I felt understood and seen in my grief. In the moments when I couldn’t breathe through my tears in the middle of the night, when I was angry, aching, exhausted with grief.

I will be forever grateful to the person who sent it, who maybe had no idea just how powerful it’s existence in my life would be, but who had hoped it would in some way… help. That small gesture ended up being a life force that sits in my nightstand, it’s words read every single night. That small gesture has pushed me to send this book to several other newly bereaved mothers so that they too may find solace and understanding in its pages.

These little things, sometimes they end up being the big things.

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