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Written For Us

For more than 8 years, we’ve been at each other’s side. Sometimes reluctantly, sometimes with difficulty, many times joyously. Our connections to one another go back into our childhoods. We had mutual friends even then. We grew up in the same neighborhood, streets away from each other. We had family vacations to the same places at the same time. We went to school together, and though we knew of one another, we had no idea of the significance each of us would have for the other until much later.

It wasn’t until we were well into our twenties, when a friend and his brother set us up. Justin knew I’d be there. I had no idea he would, because they knew I wouldn’t go if I had. But, he was kind, friendly, boisterous and fun. He asked me to meet for a burger a few days later, and the rest is more than 8 years of driving each other nuts while simultaneously loving the hell out of one another.

We have been through so much together, we’ve guided one another through darkness, and we’ve celebrated the light. No couple is perfect, and I always remind you all that we’ve had our own fair share of marital struggle. But the important part is that we are always able to reach for each other’s hand knowing we can make it through. Love is not effortless, but we’ve been willing to put in the work and that’s why we survive it all together.

Plus, there are just too many intricately intertwined past connections in our lives to ignore what almost seems to be some cosmically forced partnership of two stubborn individuals.

So, Happy Anniversary to us

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