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Today, he is one year older.

Six years ago he came into this world having saved both of us from the bleakness of an unpurposed, unfulfilled, painful space we had been spinning through life in.

You see, Rowan was a surprise. Had we written our story ourselves, children weren’t in it. That initial panic, that shock, that feeling of fear, uncertainty, loss of control, it flourished into purpose and it centered us. I’m not saying that my child is my reason for being. I’m not placing the weight of the world on his shoulders that way. I’m saying, that his very existence, in all its unplanned and unbelievable glory, helped us find our direction in a time when both of us had felt unsure and listless.

In his first years, he taught us so much about who we were, nudging us out of comfort zones and solidifying us individually which in turn solidified us as a unit. Becoming parents gave us a new respect for each other, made us face things we didn’t know we needed to remedy or improve, forced patience and tested any limits we’d previously had.

Rowan taught us to not only accept what is unexpected, but to appreciate it for all that it may create in us. Happy 6th birthday to the boy who gave us parenthood, and so, so much more.

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