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Something I’ve had to accept and heal from lately is the realization that some people will never acknowledge the damage of their conduct in regards to you. So I wanted to write about how important it is in these situations, to honor YOURSELF and your needs.

You have to be strong enough to know when enough is enough. Take a stand. Refuse to let the cycle continue. Throughout your life you will encounter toxicity from people who have an inherent need to discredit you, disrespect you, and speak poorly of you for no apparent reason at all.

Don’t consume yourself in trying to win their approval. You don’t have control over how these kind of people feel about you, but you do have control over who’s energy you let into your space. You have no obligation, no matter the relationship. Remove them. Your boundaries need not be defined, don’t continue explaining what these people already know they’re doing wrong.

Protect your space, and your energy from people who cannot take accountability when they cause you upset. Allow yourself to make a major shift. One that places you in the position to no longer tolerate what required you to compromise your own emotional well being.

You do not have to wait for an apology that may not ever come, and you most certainly do not have to accept one if it does.

You can say “I’m done”, and that’s okay.

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