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Kindergarten, Here He Comes!

This morning my first baby woke up a kindergartener. He is ecstatic to start this journey, this milestone is one he is so ready for and I know that is because we gave him that extra year to grow into himself and his experiences emotionally. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t cried a bit (Okay a lot). It’s not because I’m sad, I am absolutely overjoyed for him. It’s because I’m human, I’m a mother, and for 6 years he has been my daily sidekick.

This is an enormous adjustment and placing your child in anyone else’s hands but your own, is an emotional feat, so this requires me to tackle some layers of anxiety and attachment head on. More than anything, I am so proud of him and his desire to learn, change, and try new things. His tenacity and joy as he approaches this new chapter is the place I’ll be able to draw my own from.

He is ready, he is ready, he is ready.

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