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What’s in my hospital care bag?

I wanted to highlight some of my very favorite hospital toiletry bag additions as I approach my last weeks of this pregnancy. Of course things like concealer, a toothbrush and paste, hair brush, dry shampoo, etc are necessities, but there’s a few extra goodies I’m bringing that I think others should consider! Since this is my fourth baby, I’ve really got a good handle on what’s been useful and what hasn’t for the hospital stay and those initial days at home with a new bundle and a tired body.

First and foremost- deodorant. We all know labor and delivery work up a lot of undesirable scents. The whole process is messy, and sometimes we just aren’t physically up to taking that first postpartum shower IN the hospital. This little pod is Myro, and it is a definite must for my postpartum toiletry bag! Pregnancy and hormones can be brutal, hot flashes had me sweating like a mad woman this time around. I swear I switched deodorants a good 4-5 times! I’ve been using Myro for a bit now and I will never go back. I only have to apply it once in the morning and I’m smelling fresh and feeling dry all day long thanks to it’s bacteria-neutralizing citrus, probiotics, natural cornstarch, and sage. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably sensitive to the metals that a lot of different deodorant brands contain. It means itching and irritation that is pretty hard to avoid. Myro is a plant-based vegan formula that is soy and mineral oil free. No metals, no harsh chemicals, no fillers. You can choose from 7 reusable case colors and 6 different natural scents, so I was able to create a deodorant that is tailored specifically to me. (I chose the “Pillow Talk” and it is heavenly!) Refill pods are sent to me at my customized delivery dates too, so I don’t have to worry about running out, which will be a major relief postpartum.

Next is healing balm. You guys, I don’t think my skin has ever felt as dry and sensitive as it typically does during pregnancy and postpartum. I have allergies, so I have to be careful what lotions, creams, fragrances, etc I put on my skin which makes it difficult to find relief for the itchiness and discomfort that my apparent pregnancy hormone overload brings. Evereden’s Healing Balm has been a HUGE help. It’s free of sulfates parabens, synthetic fragrances, and GMOs so I haven’t had to stress about it potentially cussing me issue. I use it on my own problem areas, like forearms, shins, feet, chapped lips, etc. I even use it on my kiddos rashes and irritations! It also makes an AMAZING nipple balm, so I’ll be stocking up for the coming days of being a milk machine.

Onto something for this over stretched belly and cellulite. Evereden also makes a true gift to all of us mamas who don’t bounce right back- their pregnancy and breast feeding safe Lifting and Firming Lotion! It’s the good stuff, and I’m hooked. It lifts, firms, and tones skin, reduces postpartum scarring, and improves skin hydration. I started using it on my thighs and tummy, to help with my stretch mark sensitivity and appearance, and tighten up my cellulite. It’s also been great for my neck, which tends to fill out and lose elasticity during my pregnancies. It’ll definitely be handy to have for an empty postpartum tummy.

Tubby Todd makes an amazing All Over Ointment that contains beeswax, jojoba, and natural extracts. It is perfect for that newborn eczema, and the diaper rashes their delicate new skin is prone to.

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