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My Third Child

You were not our first, nor our second, it’s a fact you’ll know all your life. We loved two of your brothers before knowing you. But your significance is immense. You came barreling into our world after tragedy, leaving us no option but to face our grief and our healing.

Your very presence in a place he’d been before you was a mountain for us to climb. As such, I was a different mother this time around. You were given a version of me that even I hadn’t previously known. His death, your life, both have changed me in such important ways.

Since your birth, you’ve written your story all on your own. There isn’t much you allow anyone to decide for you. There is no slowing you down, no savoring your milestones, they’re here and then gone just as fast as your sticky fingers in my dinner plate.

You are bold, wild, hyper inquisitive, persistent, unruly, and so beautiful. You have lived up to your name as if it was written just for you with the dawn of time. And in only a few short weeks, your world will change. You will be thrown into life as a big sister, but like everything else you’ve written in your story, we know you’ll own that with just as much certainty.

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