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The VAVA Video Baby Monitor

Phoenix is our wild child. She is constantly getting into things, no amount of baby proofing has held her back from wreaking havoc when she sees fit. She is also a tot who avoids sleep at any cost, usually to the detriment of our sanity!

When she outgrew her Owlet, I was so panicked. As SIDS parents, we needed that peace of mind back. So, the hunt was on for a video monitor we could use to at least TRY and keep her contained and in view during nap time, or when we need to get things done around the house.

I had a lot of qualifications that I needed a monitor to meet in order for my anxieties to be put at ease. One that allowed me to adjust view settings remotely, speak to her through a mic (because let’s face it, she requires a lot of we’ll just say “direction” when she thinks she’s alone), could track room temperature, had a long battery life, and great range for the size of our home.

Enter the Vava monitor! Ours came last month and you guys, I am so thrilled with this gadget! It has an amazing camera/screen quality as well as a zoom feature, even in night mode, so I’m never trying to squint and guess what I’m witnessing her do (or not do if we’re talking sleep).

We can also connect a second camera to place in the baby’s room once she’s arrived, so we’ll be able to monitor them both at the same time, which gives me so much relief as a soon to be mama of 2 under 2!

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