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The past few days have been quite a rollercoaster for us. The girls were both sick with what was initially diagnosed as colds (plus a double ear infection for Phoenix and thrush for Valorie).

Valorie worsened quickly, her o2 hovered around 90-93 and she refused feedings for 14 hours. We took her in to the pediatric urgent care again Thursday morning and she tested positive for RSV, but the UC doctor insisted we needed to manage it at home and syringe feed her. My gut did not feel right about this, so we chose to take her to Children’s within an hour.

Upon arrival her o2 was in the mid 80s, she was an ashy purple color, and had mottled skin so they admitted her immediately. She is currently on oxygen and receiving fluids, plus hourly suctions. She also got an infusion of antibiotics for an ear infection that urgent care completely missed. They did a chest x-ray and ran a blood panel.

We will be here overnight, possibly for a few more days until we are out of the woods. This is extremely scary and very triggering for any parents, but especially for us having lost an infant before. She is so little, her 4 week old little body is so tired.

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