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PICU Day 3

Vallie is still doing a lot better than when we were admitted. She remained on constant oxygen support until around 4am this morning when they were able to briefly wean her off. Unfortunately she struggled with feeds without the oxygen support, dropping back into the mid 80s while eating and becoming aggravated. After about 2 hours, they decided to put her back on a low flow of oxygen, and will try to wean again a bit later. (She’s still receiving fluids and continued suctioning).

Her body is just so tired, she needs a little extra time to catch back up. What’s great is that though she does still need the support, she’s only needing 1/8 flow. She has finally gotten some rest which is a major improvement in itself, and she’s looking so much better than the ashy, mottled purple she was when we arrived. She’s lost her tiny little voice so she sounds quite a lot like a kitten or baby bird when she does cry, it’s pitiful.

This is such a scary experience and we cannot wait to be able to take our girl home. Seeing your baby attached to so many wires and machines is awful. Something I’ve been focused on is that she was born on 11/21 at 8:21 am, our first room here was room 21, and today is the 21st. Dreaming into existence that it’s a sign today will be a day of major healing for her and that home is on the horizon.

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