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PICU Day 4

Yesterday Vallie turned 1 month old! She’s done so well overnight you guys. We’ve really turned a corner for the better.

She tolerated 5 feedings last night and only threw it up once, 8 hours ago. They removed her nasal cannula yesterday evening and she’s done wonderfully on her own, staying around 95-97 while awake and 88-91 while sleeping. She’s even had a couple peaks at 99! All great numbers.

She was very agitated being off oxygen support at first but is much happier now. She’s been able to be unswaddled since her cannula isn’t on anymore and she is loving it. Her cough is slowly and steadily improving, and she hasn’t needed quite as much suction as she was the past two days, only every few hours now.

Her intravenous fluids were just ordered shut off, so as of now, if she does well on her own without the IV fluids, it is looking like we MIGHT be able to go home with our girl tonight!

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