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A Decade Defined

10 years. A whole decade. This was the decade Justin and I started dating. The decade we married and began our life together.

The decade when life grew inside my body as we brought four beautiful babies into the world, changing and shifting our identities forever.

The decade we lost two pregnancies, struggled with secondary infertility, experienced the death of a child and became bereaved parents. A decade of learning how to traverse tremendous loss and trauma together.

It was the decade I began writing and sharing my experiences in parenting, marriage, and life after child loss with the world. This was the decade I found myself, the decade I discovered who I am and lived my experiences loudly, in a world that tells us to be quiet all our lives.

The decade of our bending, breaking, humbling, healing. A decade spent letting others know they’re not alone.

The ten years between 2010 and 2020 have held a lifetime of lessons and growth. I will always cheers to that.

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