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I wish I had taken more photos.

Documented his milestones, saved all the measurements and savored each new moment.

I wish I had kissed the top of his head more, touched my lips to his hair and breathed in his scent.

I wish I’d memorized the feeling of his warm hands in mine, his pulse under my fingers.

I wish I had spent more time tickling his toes and hearing his giggles, chasing him around the living room on all fours.

I wish I had rocked him to sleep a little bit longer, sang him our song just a little bit louder.

I wish I’d laid beside him more often, feeling his breath as he slept.

I wish I’d stayed up later with him, woken up earlier.

I wish I hadn’t taken it all for granted before death stole it all away.

I wish I’d done so much more.

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