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Phoenix: Grand Mal Seizure

Last night at around 10:30pm I heard the sound of Phoenix gagging, then crying out on the monitor to her room. I rushed in expecting to see her standing up at the edge of her crib throwing a tantrum about bedtime. I was fully prepared to scold her and lay her back down.

Instead I found my 20 month old daughter vomiting and having a seizure. It took her 15+ minutes to come back to herself and the force of it all even caused the blood vessels in one of her eyes to burst. I called my parents immediately, Justin and my mom stayed home with the other two and I took P to the children’s hospital with my dad.

We were at Mary Bridge until 6am, and are finally back at home now where she is sleeping soundly. This was not a febrile seizure, as it WASN’T localized to only one side of her body and she didn’t present with a fever. Her diagnoses upon discharge was “generalized tonic-clonic seizure”.

We will have a follow up appointment with neurology as soon as possible to hopefully rule out anything serious and make sure this was a one time thing. I am thankful that I knew what to do in the case of a seizure, and that I heard her on the monitor when it happened. I don’t think I even have to explain how traumatic this was, regardless.

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