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Stay Home

I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts about everything currently going on in our world. My heart has been heavy with dread, my mind clouded by anxiety and fear. Worrying is tiresome, and I’ve done more than my fair share of it lately.

Maybe people like me seem silly. Maybe our anxiousness, our social distancing, our fear of leaving our homes, is an overreaction in the eyes of others. Maybe they aren’t afraid. Maybe they have had the privilege of overlooking the possibilities that come with a pandemic. But I promise you, there are human beings that will be directly affected by those who are not respecting the severity of this situation.

People like my mother, who just returned home after a 10 day stay in the ICU, who is now immune compromised and will be for quite some time, can’t afford for others not to take this seriously. People like my 4 month old baby, who has a weakened respiratory system because of an illness she contracted at too young an age, can’t afford for others not to take this seriously.

Families like ours need people to care. We need everyone to follow the recommendations and guidelines to help maintain the health and safety of people we love. That glove on the hand holding my baby? Rationed now. That PICU bed she slept in for a week? Limited. That ventilator that kept my mom alive for days? There aren’t enough to go around.

We have to lower the curve, we all have to do our part. I know that these restrictions and shut downs seem drastic. I know that they’re not ideal and place a hinderance on everyone’s daily lives. But please, stay home unless it’s for work or emergency. Please, do what has been asked of us all. I beg of you. Those that are at risk, are relying on us.

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