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School’s Out For…?

Today, school was cancelled for the remainder of year here in Washington. While we all assumed this announcement was impending, it was still quite a blow to any of us with children eager to return to their constant. Rowan doesn’t know yet. I can’t bring myself to break his heart, until he asks us himself when they’re going back. Maybe it’s only temporary, but this reality can be so difficult for them to contextualize. The classroom zoom meetings are just long enough for him to remember everything they’re missing out on, and then before we know it, the meeting has ended and his crying in my arms. Sending paper airplane notes over backyard fences, waving from the porch, and sharing toys and books over a video call is not the Kindergarten I imagined for him. My heart aches for what I cannot give him, for what we cannot give them- the world they knew two months ago.

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