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Nursery Reveal

My goal was to evoke a retro, bohemian vibe in Valories room. I knew I wanted warm neutral tones, but that I wanted some boldness somewhere that would make the room pop. I decided that I would do a single accent wall to achieve that. I chose removable, damage free, peel and stick wallpaper from Loomwell in the “Willow” print.

Some tips I have for installing:

-walls are almost never level where they meet the ceiling so make sure you allot extra on top when applying.

-wipe the wall clean with a damp cloth beforehand

-each panel is labeled A, or B, so that matching up the print is easy peasey.

-we have textured walls, so I did place strips of Scotch heavy duty, double sided mounting tape along the top and bottom of each panel for some added security.

The crib is from Ikea. I had my eyes on this crib from the day I found out I was pregnant but it’s really hard to get your hands on one. Our nearest Ikeas were out of stock, and they didn’t have it available online to ship to me at all. After 6 months of stalking the website in hopes it would become available with no luck, I finally found one on Facebook Market Place so I bought it!

I found her tassel chandelier “mobile” on Etsy from an amazing handmade brand, Samantha Bowen Co. I shortened the ropes on top, and attached it to a small eye-hook to hang.

The moon phase wall hanging is also from a handmade brand, Twenty Seven Things. The floating shelves are from Target, the rope basket and tassel pom garland are from Amazon Home, and the curtains are Ikea. I made the curtain rod out of 1×1 wood to match her crib and shelves. Her blanket is from Baby Mae’s.

I’m so in love with this space, it is just as I envisioned!

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  1. Beautiful! Would love to know how this wallpaper help up on your textured wall. About to order for our nursery. Thanks!


    • It has held up well! High humidity will cause it to lift, and the girls room gets pretty hot in summer so I did reinforce with some double sided tape on the top of each strip for extra security!


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