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Phoenix: Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy for Severe Apnea

Well, she did it! If you were following my Instagram stories the past few days, you saw that Phoenix had her tonsils and adenoids removed early Tuesday morning.

Recovery was REALLY rough the first 24 hours and I had completely underestimated the level of traumatic train wreck that it was. Seeing my child in the recovery bay, hallucinating, screaming out in pain, eyes glazed over, and absolutely terrified, was something I was in no way emotionally prepared for. I thought I’d be my calm and collected self but it was kind of impossible not to cry when we saw her.

Witnessing them pin her down to try and get the liquid meds down her throat was also pretty traumatic. Because of her resistance, it was a real struggle getting her pain managed overnight, and it made her extremely sick. (I have the utmost respect for the parents of medically fragile children, who experience things like all of this, and so much worse, often).

Thankfully things turned around the next morning and we got to come home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon! She is doing so much better now that it’s been almost a week and our little spitfire is slowly but surely, beginning to look more like herself again.

Her surgeon said we should begin to see significant improvement with her growth and sleep deprivation, an end to the seizures, night terrors, and apnea, within 1-3 months.

The stories detailing the process of it all are viewable here.

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